“We believe in the energy and vision of emerging leaders and innovative organizations passionate about advancing the gospel, and we are committed to helping them succeed. ”  
                                                       - Tommy Lee, Executive Director
Our global team is committed to creating empowered leadership and organizational excellence in the service of Christ.
In working with individuals and organizations, our approach is highly customized and flexible. 
Spanning the world, our network of professional advisors are leaders in diverse fields 
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re:source global provides strategic solutions that enhance the effectiveness of Christ-centered leaders, organizations, ministries and new ventures advancing the gospel around the world.

Our vision is to see Gospel-centered ventures increase in number, capability, and impact so that everyone in the world witnesses and experiences the goodness of Jesus Christ.

We are a global team of professional advisors and specialists dedicated to one thing – the success of Gospel-centered leaders and ministries.

We are passionate about understanding their visions, assessing their needs, and then providing them with a rigorous, customized strategic plan and advisory resources necessary to help their ventures succeed.

With a commitment to best practices, pioneering innovative relationships, and encouraging trailblazers, Re:source Global helps individuals, non-profits, ministries and businesses work together in world mission with greater unity and effectiveness, across boundaries of culture, theology, geography and generations, to advance the work of the global church.

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